why do we need the bad guy

in germany there is a saying: “wir sind die guten” which basically means people with high moral standards, best intentions and politically correct opinions, in other words the “do-gooders”.

they walk around with the conviction of being honourable members of their community and often their professions and actions seem to prove their impeccable personalities.

the assumption that every human being carries inside the potential of good AND bad seems not to be valid for them.

whereas other people have to acknowledge the “unloveable” part of themselves and learn to accept the dark side of their consciousness or unconsciousness – the secret seems to be to shine a light on one’s own obscure characteristics – the shadow – and finally embrace that unwanted part of oneself and kind of practice forgiveness for having such a human nature…

and then – after kind of integrating that negative, unwanted part, aspect or response – actively (for some lucky people it’s even an intuitive choice) decide to take the action, thought or response that might be more beneficial – for their own self AND others – in the long run.

for some people this seems not to be valid. they deny having any “unwanted”, potentially harmful qualities and intentions. are they superhumans ? no, they simply are the pure, innocent, good people – without human flaws – and the facts are clear to them :

the bad guy is somebody else, out there. he or she is the one that embodies the problem. and once these bad guys are identified, the good people have to fight against them, because they are entitled to defend the goodness of humanity against those evil people.

that’s only fair, isn’t it ?



12 thoughts on “why do we need the bad guy

  1. I suppose you can align yourself with every component of politically correctness and dissolve yourself into this. But of course this seems unnatural and unstable. It makes you question how much is an act for appearances sake and how much is genuine?

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    1. thanks for your comment. no, sometimes I am not in alignment with political correctness as i am not up to date with the current “rules” for p.c. as they change on an ongoing basis. for example i learned about the “cleansing” of a children’s book (räuber hotzenplotz) in which the author (ottfried preussler) used a word in the 1960s without being aware that this word will be regarded as discrimination against coloured people in 2013. that’s an example of how i am sometimes one step behind the commonly accepted terminology of political correctness.
      of course i can not judge whether how much it is an “act for appearances sake and how much is genuine”, but i have sometimes seen that people have been “accused” of having the intention to make somebody else feel inferior or discriminate them, because they used the “wrong” words.

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      1. I suspect that if there was no one with genuinely offensive beliefs that there would be no need for p.c.
        Non racists usually don’t go around worried about appearing non racist! That is unless they offend the p.c. script accidentally!

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      2. A lie detector would be needed to uncover the real intentions! Without one the p.c. provides a template to provide guidance for behavior.
        You may be a complete non racist and incidentally signal an offense, so pc becomes a guiding rule set that acts to prevent these unintentional violations on anther persons feelings

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      3. If you really truly oppose racism then you would not mind following p.c. if only to avoid accidentally supporting it! Is your objection to p.c. really driven by passive support for what it’s trying to suppress?


      4. of course not. because a) i do not oppose/object p.c. as you are trying to suggest and b) i neither support any discrimination or suppression. my example above was just an example of how i am sometimes not in alignment with the rules of p.c. again: everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they should try to twist around snippets of communication. if they want to blame someone else of wrongdoing or bad intentions, maybe p.c. could prevent that, I guess you are right about that.

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      5. As a non racist I am happy to conform to the script of pc in order to reduce any accidental contribution to hate that I might accidentally make within certain contexts and circumstances that I might not have been aware Ora! It’s a small small diligence that helps suppress an enormous evil!

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  2. ha ha mate, if I wouldn’t know that you’re a big fan of martin luther king, anti-apartheid and liberation movements, I might doubt your credibility now 😀

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