things could be worse

today I found this amazing quote and I like it so much, that I want to share it :

should you ever find yourself the victim

of other peoples’ bitterness, smallness or insecurities


things could be worse:

you could be them

sometimes people can not deal with their problems and look for an outlet by trying to pull in other people into their mess or they think low of them and talk badly about others for no reason –

because basically they are no different or no better than anyone else, but they need to feel superior, because somebody or something gave them a hard time.

you would think that they try to overcome that or work on themselves or find some positive ways of relief, distraction or activity, but some people simply turn to others to put them down or frustrate them or even blame them for their own problems instead of owning them and learning to overcome them.

does that really make them feel better? does that really do any good for them?

i actually don’t know.

this young woman has some answers :


After a trauma or after having suffered psychological or emotional abuse it might be too early to already congratulate yourself for getting over it, but you could give yourself at least some credit for getting out of a situation that has been draining your energy and now you are on the way of recovery:


But please never underestimate the impact that living in a toxic environment or maintaining relationships with abusive people has on you, on your emotional and psychological balance, on your thoughts and mind and also on your physical health.


Watch out for the signs and take good care of your self or get some medical or psychological help, if you cannot figure out the symptoms yourself, which might be way too demanding while you are going through pain and trauma at the same time.


After having lived in harmful or toxic environments or relationships for a long time it’s not that big surprise that I myself adopted some harmful or toxic behaviour patterns and even could have been on my way to become an inverted or covert narcissist myself – but, after all, I worked my way through the clutter.

That does not mean that I overcame it once and for all and am now immune against negative patterns and rose like phoenix – but negative approaches, attempts or programming will not catch me completely off-guard. I am a bit better prepared now. Kind of.








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