what are you angry about !?

Some people say, that anger and frustration might be a strong drive and motivation to achieve important things in life and to take steps to improve ourselves and our lives.

But there seems to be a crucial difference between healthy anger and uncontrollable rage that might lead to destructive behaviour and self-destructive tendencies.

For me it is one of the most interesting topics to deal with, because many problems in our world today seem to be caused by unprocessed emotions, such as anger and pain and on a larger scale might even lead to serious conflicts or wars.

Personally I believe that the deep root of anger is pain in many cases. Pain so unbearable and threatening that we rather act out some anger instead of crying or crouching in agony.

But stomping my feet, fingerpointing and blaming others (or myself) does not really help in the long run, there might be better solutions.

Blaming someone else for victimizing me can have an important function, in this video there is some light shed on this:


And the next is a  vlog, where a young man does his best to tell us openly about his point of view – and by the way he seems to be a bit angry (or lets say energetic) himself about the topic, at least in the first part:


In the second part he talks about “holistic understanding” which could help to overcome the causes of anger (?) :


Self-Care Haven lets us know about her experiences with the healing potential of releasing anger :








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