about self-care and forgiveness

It is easy to talk about caring for yourself and forgiving the person(s) that hurt you.

It is much less easy to implement this intention into reality.

Because how am I supposed to know how to care for myself and love myself, if I never really or sufficiently experienced to be cared for and to be loved?

And even more difficult: how on earth could I forgive people who abandoned and emotionally neglected me while they were supposed to take care of me and love me – like for example my parents?

This looks like a task almost impossible to solve – the only approach would be to take the steps one by one, one after the other:

Learn how to care for yourself, protect yourself – after you gone through enough pain and hurt – learn about your inner qualities and learn to appreciate them – establish a more healthy and solid ground for yourself – learn to take care of your own needs, develop self-respect, self-forgiveness…

Much to do and long way to go before we could even envisage to forgive anybody else, isn’t it?




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