about self-care and forgiveness

It is easy to talk about caring for yourself and forgiving the person(s) that hurt you. It is much less easy to implement this intention into reality. Because how am I supposed to know how to care for myself and love myself, if I never really or sufficiently experienced to be cared for and to … Continue reading about self-care and forgiveness


why avoid labeling ?

Why not call a duck a duck !? When you found out that some or many characteristics of a certain "description" or behavioural pattern match a certain person or group, then why not name it ? Well, because, that might be incomprehensible for other people not so familiar with the topic and it also could … Continue reading why avoid labeling ?

banality of evil – hannah ahrendt

In 1961 Hannah Ahrendt witnessed the trial of Adolf Eichmann who¬†administered the deportation of millions of jews to extermination camps for the german Nazi regime. She recognized that Eichmann not only did not feel guilty, but he lacked any consciousness or perception of the horrible crimes that happened. He portrayed himself as an obedient command … Continue reading banality of evil – hannah ahrendt