open comment to whatnow727 – or any reader concerned

referring to “Crazy Wisdom or Mental Imbalance? A psychological perspective: Part 1:

unfortunately, again, one of our comments has not been published on your website. [edit Dec 13th: in the meantime the comment was published, because it obviously got caught in the filter]

Therefore I would like to publish it here for anyone who might be interested:

<< And – before you call this victim blaming – please note that I would never excuse any form of sexual abuse done to people in an inferior position (like it is given in a teacher-student-relation) due to imbalance of power.
But before getting carried away by the impulse of misinterpreting as victim-blaming – please think about who contributed to an “imbalance of power” all the way, for a long time.
Who made that one person that “big”, that powerful and even larger than life?
It must have been us, all the supporters, enablers, silent bystanders and followers… or who was it?
That does not mean that I would not want an abuser to apologize, change his behaviour or be stopped by all means. Yes, an abuser has to be stopped!
But please let’s not ever wait again until all damage has already been done!
Although, again, in this case, better late than never (?).

And I would like to add: insight or remorse can merely be expected from people who have been following a kind of doctrine for decades. It might take a long time, before some of them could recognise their denial and illusion. If ever.
Seeing their leader unmasked and “punished” now could make him look even more like a hero in their eyes.
Again, that said, does not mean that I endorse such denial. But we have to expect it. >>



The letters from the 8 students and reports from the concerned women are sufficient as authentic testimonies and they have our respect and support. Their letters and reports say it all. They imply no hidden agenda.

Their testimonials are honest, courageous and gut-wrenching. Let it speak for itself. It does not need any patronising interpreters (like me), wannabe-counselors or feminist movement activists – who only distract from the deep meaning and shocking truth of the words from the targets of abuse!

What they suffered, could stand symbolically for the abuse that anyone involved could have suffered inside of the organisation. The abuse of “few” people means abuse “by proxy” of all other people in the organisation – or even of people only close to it.

To ignore that kind of severe abuse among a group of people implies a severe lack of conscience, consciousness or a substantial level of delusion or illusion.

At least I can not think of any other explanation for the silence of the management and the tendency to go “back to business as usual” in some sanghas. Can someone please shed a light on this?

Do you remember the words in Matthew 25,40: “When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” ?

Please think about it.


How to Identify Spiritual Abuse




8 thoughts on “open comment to whatnow727 – or any reader concerned

  1. I just want to assure you that no comments have been deleted from the What Now? blog. If it didn’t appear it would be because you had more than one link in the comment. Any comment with 2 or more links in it is seen as spam by our automatic spam filter and is not posted. There was no human intervention. You are welcome to post there, just make sure there is only one link in any post.


      1. c’mon, you never know if your comment will be published and then you’ve typed it all in for nothing
        and later they blame you, because you didn’t contact them, because your comment got in the spam – because they “do rarely moderate their blog” (??!!) – that’s the most stupid and exhausting conversation ever… lol


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