the unthinkable update

once upon a time a student of spiritual masters was discovered by a community of committed and goodhearted worshippers, followers and supporters. a few of those followers founded a flourishing enterprise, because the spiritual student had turned out to be a witty gold-ass and they wanted to keep him. years and decades went by. the … Continue reading the unthinkable update


most horrific true story ever

sorry for sharing this shocking story today please let not children watch this content is 18+ at least it's about the heirs from a very rich american family and their abuse and how they got out of the terror - viewer discretion is advised - watching this could trigger strong psychological reactions !     … Continue reading most horrific true story ever

open comment to whatnow727 – or any reader concerned

referring to "Crazy Wisdom or Mental Imbalance? A psychological perspective: Part 1": DECEMBER 10, 2017 AT 11:50 AM¬†unfortunately, again, one of our comments has not been published on your website. [edit Dec 13th: in the meantime the comment was published, because it obviously got caught in the filter] Therefore I would like to publish it … Continue reading open comment to whatnow727 – or any reader concerned