Love begins within.

self-love is not selfish – it’s the source of love for everything and everyone else ❤


Thriving Under Pressure


Show yourself some love today.

Your health and happiness depend on it. ♥️

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why do we need the bad guy

in germany there is a saying: "wir sind die guten" which basically means people with solid moral standards, good intentions and politically correct opinions, in other words the "do-gooders". they walk around with the conviction of being honourable members of their community and often their professions and actions seem to prove their impeccable personalities. the … Continue reading why do we need the bad guy

banality of evil – hannah ahrendt

In 1961 Hannah Ahrendt witnessed the trial of Adolf Eichmann who administered the deportation of millions of jews to extermination camps for the german Nazi regime. She recognized that Eichmann not only did not feel guilty, but he lacked any consciousness or perception of the horrible crimes that happened. He portrayed himself as an obedient command … Continue reading banality of evil – hannah ahrendt